Remunerator Payroll Software for download

Free to review or use up to 10 employees

- The people-friendly software to run your payroll, downloadable from our site. If you are looking for a quick-to-setup and easy-to-use yet powerful payroll program, look no further......
- Paid packages are available for 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, etc. employees.

- Keeps all your employee data, together with a General Information field that can be set to pop-up when generating a payslip. Also contains a very useful General Reminder feature.
- Allows you to do as many Payslips as you wish... caters for hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly paid employees.
- Contains a powerful formula to calculate multiple variations of income and deductions.
- The program complies with SA legislation, and calculates and correctly deducts taxes like PAYE, UIF.
- Contains a powerful custom report generator, which at Month-End can be used to print various reports, including, PAYE, UIF, Union levies, Bargaining Council levies.
- At Year-End the program will generate the file that is imported into SARS' EasyFile (E@syfile) saving the user from manually entering this information to generate your employees Tax Return (EMP501), and Tax Certificates (IRP5's).

- Payrun can be printed in column format, for easy checking, to edit before printing payslips and final processing.
- Easy to understand and logical payslip, showing not just the totals for Gross Income, PAYE Taxable Income, Retirement Funding Income, UIF'able Income, SDL'able Income, etc. but also exactly how these totals are made up.
- MEIBC Leave and Bonus pay can be calculated from shifts worked, at the press of a button.
- Tracks employee Sick Leave over each 3 year cycle since appoitment.
- Generates the General Ledger Journal Report ..... to easily update your Accounting Program with the payroll transactions.
- A Backup of your datafiles is automatically made everytime the Payrun Batch is posted. This backup may as a last resort be re-loaded in case of any serious oversights in the Payrun Batch, as an alternative to creating reverse payslips.
- When generating the Tax File for importing into EasyFile, the program checks for each employee that the PAYE Taxable Income is correct in terms of the Tax Codes that is listed on the IRP5. The program also checks if the correct PAYE was deducted, and highlights differences.

-2021/01/13: The SARS interrim Employee Payroll Tax Return EMP501 for the YE Feb'2021 was due by the end of Oct'2020. Did you remember to do yours ?
-2021/02/22: New Employee Tax Rates to be announced by the Minister of Finance on the 24th March 2021. Remember to download the upgrade of your Remunerator payroll software in the 1st week of March 2021 to implement the new Tax Rates for YE Feb'2022
-2021/07/23: UIF Threshold for deductions have been increased to R177.12 per month

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